Is Your Life Too Plastic?

So I volunteered this past week at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey Bay. Around 118 films were chosen and shown out of 300+ entries, along with multiple classes, and industry events took place throughout the week.

Yesterday- that last day of the festival- I worked in Monterey’s historic Golden State Theater. There we showed the “Best of Festival” film which was Willem and the Whale (See Below), as well as Bag It.


The Bag It movie was PHENOMENAL! Everyone should see it- basically it was all about the cons of single-use plastic in the world, and how people are affected by it’s negative chemical components.  Everyone who is thinking, or in the process of having a child should watch this movie. It is super informative about which products to use/not use in order to raise a baby in a healthy environment.

Another great video my friend Bryan sent me was this “Mokumentary” about a life of a plastic bag. Poking fun at Planet Earth, this Youtube video follows the journey of a plastic bag from a park to it’s home in the ocean, at the Great Pacific Plastic Gyre.

So leaving you with this: Stop using single-use plastic bags- whenever you go to any store- bring your own reusable bag. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!

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