Shark Attack Survivors Speak For Their Attackers.

Paul de Gelder, Achmat Hasseim, and Chuck Anderson- all attacked by sharks- missing limbs- from all over the world- that have never met- along with about 6 other survivors- are gathering in New York this week.

Paul de Gelder-Australian Navy Diver Shark Survivor
Paul de Gelder-Australian Navy Diver Shark Survivor

They plan to speak at the United Nations meeting asking countries to take steps that will help save the sharks whom attacked them. Unfortunately, almost 1/3 of the planet’s sharks are near-threatened, threatened, and many are already extinct.

Hopefully with this ban of survivors, they can influence countries to implement strict rules in order to save the ocean’s top predators. Hopefully the ban will stop fishing on those sharks that are threatened or on the verge of being threatened, as well as construct conservation plans.

Another issue pertaining to the mistreatment of sharks- is shark fining. Ooooohhh I get really heated whenever someone brings it up! Shark fins are put into soup and sold in Asian markets. But, they are taken off the sharks in a cruel, cruel manner. Fisherman catch the sharks, slice off their fins, and then toss the shark back into the ocean. Where the sharks can’t swim without their fins, they sink or bleed to death, and die. HORRIBLE! An astounding 73 million sharks die from this practice EVERY YEAR!

These group of survivors-joining forces from Australia, South Africa, England, Ecuador, France, Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, and of course the United States- are hoping to succeed in influencing globally the protection and conservation of sharks.

If this group of people like this can care for sharks so deeply, why can’t everyone else?

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