Facebook Fans Kill Plant With Kindness

I swear, my year abroad in Queensland Australia is never far behind me.

This story from Queensland proves the point.

Apparently- 2 months ago- the Queensland State Library set up an interactive project to explore the emotions involved in using social media- such as Facebook.

A real plant was the subject of interest- coined the name “Meet Eater”- this plant could be watered whenever Facebook users became fans of the plant and posted on it’s wall.

More than 5,000 people became a fan of the plant from around the world! Needless to say, with this much attention, the plant was over watered and thus, “killed with kindness.”

Meet Eater is in its third incarnation at the moment. The last two died from over stimulation/over loved -where people can actually go on the Queensland State Library project website and stroke the plant’s leaves or soil.

Meet Eater-Queensland State Library

Luckily, the creator of the project, Bashkim Isai, said the 3rd generation of plant is “much more water tolerant” plant species. Isai also adjusted the program so that it releases lower amounts of water.

This is such an awesome experiment! Wish I was still in Australia so I could go see it in person. Next thing you know people will be taking care of their pets via Facebook when they are on vacation or something…I think technology needs to stop advancing faster than we can handle it.


  1. why not have a meter saying when it got watered last, and how much it needs per day, so ppl dont get water happy? cool stuff tho.

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