3-Million Year Old Whale Found Hiding Under The San Diego Zoo!

While  workers were constructing a storm water equalization tank last week at the San Diego Zoo, they dug up something to their surprise.

A 3-million-year-old whale fossilized skeleton. Not to mention the skeleton is pretty well intact.

Labeling the Whale Bones

It’s funny that we, humasn, were not even evolved on this planet yet when this whale was alive and swimming the wide open seas.

The baleen whale is about 24-feet long, with even an intact skull!

Scientists say that the age of the whale dates back to The Great American Interchange. This is when a range of land and marine animals migrated between North and South America. Much of the central-west region of North America was underwater- believe it or not! Who knows which way the whale was traveling, north or south- I’m sure it would have loved the warm waters of South America though 🙂


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