Pondering Life..

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment pertaining to my future goals and aspirations. Currently, I am set to graduate in 3 months with my Bachelors of Science degree. My main plan was to move to Southern California- where I grew up the majority of my life- and where the majority of my good friends are. I would try and get an internship/job- while studying for the GRE to apply to Grad School for most likely Cal State LA.

But- things change and options pop up out of nowhere.

I got an email this morning from my Geology/Hydrology professor entitled, “Chanel’s Bright Future..” Of course this intrigued me.

Basically in a nutshell- he would be honored to have me as a graduate student. His wife whom I met this past weekend at the Coastal Clean Up told him that she was very impressed by me and that he should try every trick in the lab to get me in there. So- now that’s another option- to get a masters in  Coastal and Watershed Science and Policy (and my major is Environmental Science Technology and Policy- with an emphasis in Marine and Coastal Ecology).

But there is so much to take into consideration… the overall success of my career, my happiness, friends, family, location…

To be honest I really want to start a-new somewhere else after I graduate. But there are things here in Monterey that seem to shine a bright light down my career pathway. Gosh I really need some psychic to read my palms or something and help me figure out which way to go…

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of the beautiful sunset at Carmel Beach this past weekend. I definitely know I cannot move some place that is too far from the ocean. How could anyone?! If you have advice on life- I’d love to hear it.

Sunset at Carmel Beach Last Weekend


  1. I’ve found that the scariest things have made me better and more prepared for life. Whether its diving in dark, cold and murky waters to eventually see awesome life, or deciding whether to leave home in the first place, the uncertainty of what lies around the corner and the unknown makes for alot of frustration. I think a pro-con sheet might help alot..just sit and write it down. But ya usually the things that scare you are most exciting and helpful in the end. HOWEVER……this is what has been MY experience, and everyone is different. I don’t assume (and hope you dont either) that what works for me will necessarily work for you. I have yet to travel around the world, or even to some other hemispheres or continents. So I see myself as more desperate to get out of the locality. Gl dude….coffee sometime soon

  2. Grad school can be quite the endeavour. And regardless of where you choose to study, if you don’t like your project or your professor, you simply will not be happy for those years. My advice is to talk to profs and discuss project and research ideas, see which appeals to you most. Any location you choose to study will have its pros and cons, so the project/prof that you choose could be the deciding factor on how much fun you have while in grad school.

  3. Sometimes, the best things are found in unexpected places. That being said, post-graduation is a big decision, and I have faith that you will find your way no matter what. 🙂 Follow your heart. Only you would know what truly makes you happy. Good luck with everything, Chanel!

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