Surprise Vacation…Kind Of

Well, unfortunately my Grandpa was in a car accident last night in Solvang, CA. It’s a long story, but he is loosing his vision and some of his memory, and took the wrong freeway when he left a trip he took from San Francisco from his home in Napa Valley.

He lives in a Veteran’s Home in Napa – so I have to drive down to Solvang from Monterey and then take him back up north to Napa. I’ve never been to Solvang- so I guess I can consider it a mini-vacation. I just recently watched the movie Sideways which takes place mostly in Solvang- so I kind of know what I am getting myself into. But family is first- so I don’t mind at all. Life happens.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I hope he heals quickly.

My Grandpa Bill and I

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