So in my Physics class today- my friend told me that NASA had just released news that a new life form had been discovered here on earth- In the United States- In California- In Mono Lake in fact which is just a couple hours away from where I am in Monterey Bay! HOW COOL?!

Apparently- the new life form is a type of bacteria- that can live off of arsenic- even using the chemical as a cellular building block! Pretty crazy if you ask me.

Mono Lake-Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon

The building blocks of life consist of such chemicals as carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur. And to find an living organism who doesn’t solely depend on these building blocks of life- and can adjust to whatever chemical is present in their environment- proves that animal adaptations are getting more and more advanced!

It is truely amazing to see life forms metabolizing arsenic- the same toxin that is damages life as we know it on a genetic level. Now- the hunt for ET and all those other aliens in the planets above us is on! Although if you want to know my opinion, being scared of aliens thanks to the movie ET for the majority of my life, I hope they don’t find while I’m alive! HAha.

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