Ohhhh hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately on the seems as though graduating college and moving your whole life to the different end of the state takes up some time.

Basically here is a run-through of my life for the past couple weeks, and weeks to come:

*writing papers

*taking final exams

*making and giving my final senior capstone speech and presentation to a group of professors and students and parental units (see picture below)

My Senior Capstone Presentation

*packing up my life

*picking my mom up from the airport

*driving to napa

*drinking lots of yummy wine in Napa (for free..working for a wine tasting room in carmel valley has its perks!)

*visiting my grandpa who is loosing his memory at the veteran’s home near Napa..clearing some things up there

*eating some delish freshly hand-made raviolis (thanks Jen!)

*driving back to monterey, more packing

*pick up the Uhaul to pack my stuff into and leave the next morning..too bad the one we reserved wasn’t there and a 16 footer was there instead..haha no way my mom could drive that sucker down to LA

*come home..finish packing up stuff…next morning find a 10 foot Uhaul (HOORAY!)-pick it up-get to of my guy friends to load the truck (thanks Alex and Bryan)

*sold my bed (thanks Caleb!)

*hit the road to LA! all in the rain..for 6/7 hours..ooohh boy..props to my mom for driving that Uhaul through and over the Grapevine.

*meet up with the boyfriend- get dinner- stay with him for the evening

*next morning go back to where my mom was staying and unload the Uhaul (in the rain…) in a storage unit

*drive to Anaheim…California Adventure in the evening time…Disneyland the next day…got a season pass WOOO

My mom and I met Santa at Disneyland!

*drive to South Pasadena (get lost on the way) and meet up with some to the airport…get on a plane…and now I’m in Texas with my family for the holidays!

Props to whoever reads all of the bullet points all the way through!!

I’ve read some really great stories- and hopefully I will be able to put them up on the blog here soon to share with you. And I am SUREEE I will get some great holiday photos over the next couple of weeks.

So I wish you all a happy holiday season! With whatever holiday tradition you celebrate- I hope it’s filled with love, family, joy, and friends.

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