It’s a New Year. Where has the time gone?

Can you believe 2011 has already hit us hard in the face of reality?

Did that make any sense? Sorry, I just drove from Modesto to Los Angeles and it took 10 hours (- 1 hour break for In&Out for dinner). should have only taken about 5 hours to get home..but the Grapevine section of the 5 freeway was closed due to snow (thanks Mother Nature) so we had to cut across California and take the 101 home. WHOOOOO talk about getting car fever, I sure can sit that still for very long.

Well, last year went by like a flash. Especially in the last month (read previous entry) since my weeks melted into one big ball of stress and airplane rides. I graduate college (FINALLY!) and now I’m one of those 70% of college students who are unemployed- but hopefully that will not be for long! I moved back down to my hometown in Southern California- South Pasadena baby.

I am excited to see where life will lead me..if any of you readers know of any cool jobs in SoCal then let me know!

I had a great new years and Christmas. I will upload some awesome photos once I take my computer into Best Buy and they help me fix the issues going on inside of it :/ tomorrow.

Anywho- hope you guys rang in the new year with lots of bubbly and people you love!

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