Dogs and Dolphins= Secret Best Friends?

First off, it seems like there is a lot of negative articles coming out bout dolphins and manatees dying in record numbers, animals going extinct, that there will be a sixth mass extinction on the planet from human-induced activities, and so forth..

Right now being an avid job hunter after graduating from college in December for the last 2.5 months..there is a lot of negativity in my life everyday sending tons of emails with my resumes that seem to go into some black-hole of the internet. It is frustrating! Plus living with friends and having over half my stuff still in storage isn’t my idea of life after college. Oh well- I am super thankful for my awesome friends and their families, as well as my family for keeping my spirits up and assuring me I have an awesome support team who knows I will succeed.

SOOOO I want to post some fun and positive stories now 🙂

Firstly: let’s investigate this dog being rescued by dolphins story. A Doberman pincher got stuck in a canal in Florida. A couple saw 2 dolphins splashing vigorously against the canal wall..they thought that was particularly odd. They went to investigate and saw 60 pound, completely exhausted dog standing on a half submerged sandbar. He was too exhausted to even bark. So either the dolphins made commotion to attract attention to save the dogs life, or they were just at the right place at the right time, OR they could have been making the sandbar bigger so the tired dog could rest and stop swimming. The article says the dolphins were helping the dog stay afloat. Who knows the truth but those friendly “Flippers”…

Here's an old picture of me Sea World camp feeding a dolphin 🙂 Thought it was appropriate!

ALSO- I just found this like 5 minutes after I posted the previous story and HAD to share it with you. Maybe the relationship between man’s best friend and dolphins runs deeper than we think.


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