Hiking is Good for the Soul.

Living in Los Angeles one might not think that there are too many hikes in nature in this vast concrete jungle. But that is where you are wrong! There are lots of fun little nature escapes all around..you just have to find them.

This past weekend I went on an excursion to Franklin Canyon Park in Beverly Hills with my boyfriend Jack. It’s a huge park with around 605 acres equipped with waterfalls, streams, lots of greenery, and fun trails. Not to mention staring at the jaw-dropping mansions along the outside perimeter of the park- holy cow! One can only hope to have a house like that one day…shoot that reminds me I need to buy some Lotto Tickets!

Anyway-It was a wonderful way to start off my Sunday. I love nature! Also- the people watching was excellent as well..one of my favorite activities.

Here are some of the pictures from the hike- hope you enjoy them.


  1. There is a great hiking path I took you girls to when you were in Scouts. I think it was around where you rode horses…..glad to see your out and about!

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