Mother Nature.

Wow, what a wild couple of days in terms of Mother Nature huh?

I got the call at 5:12am from my mom in Texas telling me to turn on the news ASAP. It was another disaster that she said I should get “used to” in my lifetime. This statement didn’t put me at ease too much..but I mean the world is changing and we are somewhat to blame for it I believe.

We all know Japan was hit with a devastating 4th largest earthquake (9.0), triggering worldwide tsunamis. It’s just astounding. My heart goes out to anyone who lost someone involved in this natural disaster. Luckily, Japan was known to have the best tsunami and earthquake preparation for such a largely populated area- that it resulted in less deaths than if the quake of this magnitude hit somewhere else in the world.

Also- let’s keep in mind the amount of sea life that was affected by these events. They seem to be left out of the news and people’s radar when it comes to events like this. With a huge surge rippling across the entire Pacific Ocean, I’m sure a multitude of fish, marine mammals, and other organisms were effected negatively from this event. My heart goes out to them too.

I’ve found some videos- specifically in California that felt the effects of the quake via tsunami waves.

First: Crescent City, CA

Second: Santa Cruz, CA

Although this damage is definitely minimal to that of Japan and other countries, I still find it amazing that all that force traveled across the ENTIRE Pacific Ocean an affected us. It just astounds me…

After my Geology class last year during my final year at California State University Monterey Bay, I’ve been a geek about checking out the USGS (United States Geological Survey) website about when/where earthquakes are happening around the globe. Here is the website you should check out if you haven’t already : USGS EARTHQUAKE WEBSITE

Something you will learn from this website- is that there are earthquakes happening CONSTANTLY all over the planet. The earth is made of tectonic plates- and they are always moving at some point. It’s a natural occurrence- and we put ourselves in danger by living close to fault lines or subduction zones. I put myself in danger by living in California alone- fires, earthquakes, and possible tsunamis… but I love the state and the people here. I’d rather die being where I love, than living some place I dislike.

Well- once again my heart and good vibes go out towards those affected by the recent earthquake and the tsunamis that resulted from it. It’s a reminder that you must live your life to the fullest- because tomorrow might not come. Say to your family and friends that you love them- and be positive.

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