Happy 23 Years Of Life To ME + Saint Patty’s Day!

So on March 15th, I turned the big (or not so big) 23. It’s the kind of in between age that doesn’t feel like a big accomplishment like when I turned 21.

It was kind of a relaxed birthday, with no real big celebration. I went to the gym in the morning, showered, packed and headed over the the boyfriend’s place. His roommate Ashley made me cupcakes and bought me a 6-pack of BlueMoon Beer (MMMm my favorite!). Then when Jack got off of work, he took me out to a nice dinner and gave me a pass to Universal Studios 🙂 I love theme parks, he bought one for himself too so now we can go all the time! I also got a fun package from my mom and grandma, plus roses and a cake from my dad.

I kind of miss being in High School and celebrating my birthday..since in my group of friends we baked each other cakes and cupcakes and bought tons of balloons for everyone’s bday (which ended up being like twice every other week or so). I wish I could go back and relive my younger year birthdays where I had treasure hunts, and other fun adventures.

I’ve got a couple interviews soon so hopefully I will not be unemployed soon! Keep your fingers crossed for this college grad..

I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow with my friend Katie- I got a season pass earlier this year so I might as well get some use out of it right?! It’ll be a belated bday present to myself haha. I don’t think I’ll bring a camera…but hopefully I’ll get some photos this weekend in order to post them up here for your enjoyment. I feel like I’ve neglected my camera recently..maybe I’ll take some 35mm film out and about soon.

Today is Saint Patty’s Day! Hope you all have a great time with green beer and Irish friends. Here is a pic of my 2 years ago in Australia celebrating both Saint Patty’s and my 21st birthday 🙂 I really enjoyed to dance at the time- hence the hands in the air..there’s something about bagpipes that make you go wild! Cheers!

Happy Saint Pattys!

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