Food Truck Festival + Awesome 80’s Cover Band!

So although this was about a month ago- I just realized that I haven’t uploaded any pictures of the event yet on here for your pretty eyes to gander at!

For my first off-site event working for Pasadena Entertainment (events and marketing company)- I was assigned to go to the Santa Anita Race Track 2nd Annual Food Truck Festival on April 2, 2011. I don’t know about other states, but California sure has BOOMED in the food truck market. My first experience was with the Grilled Cheese Truck when I went to visit my boyfriend for lunch in Beverly Hills. I had a Caprese Grilled Cheese- and it was delicious. Coincidently, the Grilled Cheese Truck was the MOST POPULAR at the festival, along with the Lobsta Truck. The line starting at 11am-5pm was at least 200 yards long the WHOLE entire time. There were about 76 food trucks in total…that’s a lot of options. Thousands of people came out to the event- so of course the 3rd Food Truck Festival is coming up again this month on May 14th.

I managed the M-80’s band that was performing at one end of track, while my co-worker managed the other band, Gee Mack, on the other side of the track. The M-80’s were super awesome-and a great group of guys! They played 80’s cover music and got everyone to start dancing (especially those little kiddos).

I had a blast- hope you enjoy these pictures!

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