I Want To Take A Ride On A Big Jet Plane

(Not a post about science or photography…more like music and feelings.)

I had a horrible sleep last night…and same thing happened the night before. Thus, I am not in the best mood this morning at work. I’m leaving tomorrow (through Monday) to go up to Monterey Bay to walk at my Commencement  Ceremony  at CSUMB on Saturday- I’m excited to go up and meet up with all my friends up there and my family and friends coming  for the occasion.  Basically-I am going to have a very long next 5 days.

I should go make another tea to boost my caffeine fix ASAP! Tea is so good to me 🙂

But on my car ride to work this morning, in the misty rain coldness outside, I played some Angus and Julia Stone musica. They are an Australian brother and sister duo that I LOVE! Their music is simple and beautiful- and that’s why I wanted to share some of their music videos with you today. Hope you have a great Tuesday. Be on the look out for lots of pictures and possible videos of my Commencement weekend! 🙂

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