Japan Tsunami Debris (Millions of Tons): Steadily Moving Towards California


Estimated Time of Arrival of Japanese Debris to California


Currently, there are millions of pieces of debris ranging from homes/cars/boats/children toys/trash floating in the ocean swept away from Japan after the tsunami-slowly heading towards California. Think of the environmental impact that would have on our coastline!

Scientists have been using models of the wreckage drifting across the Pacific Ocean- suggesting that the debris will arrive in Hawaii by next spring, and hit California in early 2013/2014.

The debris is moving towards the east at around 10 miles/day, and is spread across an area roughly the size of California. Of course, some of the debris with disintegrate, sink, or get eaten before it reaches the West Coast- but still a huge chunk of debris we will be witness to hitting our shores.

Here is a cool animation of the debris spreading across the Pacific Ocean over the span of a couple years: JAPAN OCEAN DEBRIS ANIMATION.

When the debris starts washing ashore- we all need to be on top of our game for the CLEAN UP. People need to be educated on what to do- and how to do it properly.

And do not fear- the debris will not be radioactive since it was washed out to sea before the nuclear plant meltdown occurred.

You know I’ll be out there helping clean up with the debris hits the coast of California. Hope you will be too!



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