A giant octopus robot might save your life one day.

This morning has been full of ups and downs. Mostly ups though 🙂

And I thought it would be fitting to finally update this little ole blog of mine. And of course the first story I read is about an octopus-inspired robot!

European scientists created this fasinating robotic octopus arm- as seen in the image below.

Credit: Massimo Brega

The team of scientists eventually want to end up with a fully functional robotic octopus. (Which I would totally purchase and play in the pool with..)

To make a robot similar to an octopus- it cannot be rigid like normal robots. It has to be soft- but still able to manipulate. Octopus have a musculature only found in elephant trunks and tongues- it is a very unique feature in the animal kingdom. After observing and octopus- the researchers saw that in order to push through the water- arms shorten and elongate.

The waterproof model that you see in the picture above is made up of silicon and embedded with a steel cable anchored to a set of nylon cables. SO COOL! By manipulating the nylon cables- the arm is able to grasp things-such as your hand! You might be asking yourself- Where are the suckers? The silicon was friction enough- so the suckers weren’t necessary on the robotic arm.

This technology could one day be used in surgery- as an endoscopic soft tool that turns hard to perform the surgery. Or the robotic cephalopod could be used to retrieve people in unsafe waters. Which is why- a robotic octopus could save your life one day!

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