Gooood day interweb.

I apologize, life has been really busy lately. There have been a lot of, how you say, changes.

Let’s address some of the big changes in my life this year:

1) Graduated college in December- so this year is my first year in the “real world” – It feels weird not having homework or classes to worry about all year-long..

2) Got my first job out of college- took me about 3 months to even find one, but I did! And it’s a great job (although nothing to do with marine science)- I’m learning a lot about the entertainment/marketing/production industry. Meeting some amazing people.

3) Boyfriend of 3 years and I ended things- nothing bad happened but we just realized that we need to figure ourselves out first before we  fully devout ourselves to another.

4) I’ve been living with my friend and their family since January (I appreciate them so much)! So I’ve been saving money- but I have the majority of my belongings (aka my life) in storage still. I’m currently apartment hunting to move next month- and I am SO READY to finally feel settled down.

5) Going back and forth in my mind what I want my profession to be…that’s probably going to be the hardest decision of all to figure out. It always comes down to money or happiness..

6) Deciding about Graduate Schools- that’s a whole other ballgame.

Well although there are only 6 things listed..they run a lot deeper in-depth as you can imagine.

It’s such an awkward stage in my life right now- I think a lot of my friends are going through the same thing after they graduate college. Oh one’s early 20’s…so much more life to live and learn and love and laugh right?

Here are a couple songs that have to do with “changes”- enjoy away.


  1. Hi Chanel. I totally understand that period of many changes. But that’s what make life so interesting. I’m sure you’ll find yourself, and decide on graduate school or your career really soon! I went through so many different fields to know I wanted to be in conservation. Or so I thought. Got a medical job, and I love it now too! Good luck!

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