Googling over Halloween!

Happy Halloween Inter-web!

I already had my Halloween celebration on Saturday today at work I’m kind of already H-weened out. We opened up a new Dog Haus Biergarten in Old Town Pasadena- and threw a huge Halloween/Launch Party with a live 80’s cover band (M-80’s) and lot of beer, cocktails, burgers, and hot dogs for all! I had a lot of friends come and enjoy themselves- and I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Tonight though, I think I’ll keep it pretty calm and go visit my friend who is in town and eat all the delicious pumpkin seeds she’ll be making 🙂

SO- If you didn’t know already, Google has some awesome “doodles” whenever there is a holiday or other special occasion. Today’s doodle was so cool I had to pass it on for your lovely viewing pleasure. They took 500-1,000 lb. pumpkins and carved each with a letter spelling (of course) GOOGLE! Here is the Doodle itself on the Google webpage- and some awesome behind the scenes video footage of how they made this amazing Halloweeny masterpiece!! Some of the walls of the pumpkin are 6-inches thick..and you thought carving one the size of your head was hard?!




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