Help Me Pick- I’m Entering A Photo Contest!

Alright- So I’m entering the Birth Aquarium Underwater Parks Day Photo Contest.

This is the first photo competition I have ever entered- I’m super excited 🙂

The only time I’ve taken awesome underwater photos was at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (not too shabby of a place I might add 😉 ). I rented an underwater digital camera for $50 bucks when I went on a dive boat- and it was the smartest thing I did! I came back with fantastic photos- luckily the visibility was EXCELLENT and the sun was out and the fish were playing.

I can enter up to 5 photos- and I have 4 FOR SURE and 2 QUESTIONABLE.

IF you guys could PLEASE help me pick the best of the 2 below–It will be greatly appreciated- Tell me why too 🙂

PHOTO 1- Reflections


PHOTO 2-Clown Fish Abode


    1. Thank You! Personally I lean towards the first one because I love the sun rays and reflections of the fish on the surface. But I also like the bottom one because the anemone is so vibrant and beautiful. I appreciate your suggestion-great points you made!

  1. Hi, I’d go with the first photo but I’d reframe it to cut away a little of the empty space at the bottom. I agree that the light and reflections are great. The second picture is cute but I didn’t see the fish straight away. The colours are vibrant but in my opinion the shot’s too wide. Please be assured that this comment is only to answer your question and to try to help you with your decision. I wish you all the best for the contest. Karen.

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