It’s time to cross another thing off the bucket list this year…

So I have a friend, her name is Rachel, and she started a blog this year called Love Fit Life. It’s become one of my favorites to read every week!

She writes about staying healthy, in-shape, positive, and just overall bringing out the better person in us all. It honestly makes me more motivated to hit the gym every week, and attend my yoga classes on the regular.

Rach is putting a team together to run the 5K Run/Walk in Honor of the Courage & Spirit of Children with Cancer and their Families. The race takes place on Sunday June 24th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (right down the street from me- how perfect!).

On My Bucket List I have run a full marathon and a half marathon. I would say that a 5K (3.1 miles) is more of a half marathon that I’d love to accomplish and conquer!

I have a bunch of friends who have already signed up to run with the Love Fit Life team 🙂 It’s going to be an awesome experience for a fantastic cause. If you  live in the LA area you should join us! The more the merrier. Remember it’s a “Run/Walk”- for those who prefer to take it easy and enjoy the moment. The race is stroller and dog friendly- bring the whole family!

For those avid readers that helped me win the Bucket List Publications SkyDiving Adventure contest a couple weeks ago- I decided to jump out of plane on EASTER ! Which is only a couple weekends away..April 8th. Be sure to check back for the video and photos! They all should be quite entertaining.. 😉

This will be me after the marathon..Hahah


    1. Haha well this isn’t after I ran a marathon..this is after I hiked down from a botanical garden at the top of a mountain in Australia and we had missed the last bus to take us down.

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