Filmmaker James Cameron Completes Journey to the Bottom of the OCEAN!

James Cameron Did It! He Made It To the Bottom of the Ocean. (Credit: Mark Thiessen, National Geographic)

There has been only 3 living souls that have completed the trip to the bottom alien realm of the sea: 2 Naval men in 1960, and now award-winning director James Cameron. For the first time in 50 years, Mr. Cameron completed the epic journey to the deepest part of the entire globe: The Mariana trench.  James went on the solo-expedition in a very state of the art one-manned submarine (pictures below!). If you don’t know where exactly the deepest seabed in the world is- let me show you on the map below- it even shows where the deepest part of the trench is located (Challenger Deep) where Mr. Cameron explored.

Mariana trench (credit: Wikipedia)

The trench is 6.8 miles deep (11km), and it took Cameron about 2 hours and 36  mins to completely descend to the bottom- and 70 mins to ascend. He spent hours maneuvering around the unexplored depths of the trench checking out new species of all shapes and sizes (SO JEALOUS! I want to do that too!).

Duplicate images of the different lighting configurations for the submarine. (Credit: Illustration courtesy Acheron Project Pty. Ltd.)

Cameron’s sub, the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, is a very expensive, amazing, high-tech, and one of a kind machine. It stands in the water column about 2.5 stories high and contains a sediment sampler, a “slurp-gun” to suck up unsuspecting specimens for researchers at the surface, a robotic claw for grabbing fun things, as well as temperature, salinity, and pressure gauges. Of course with James Cameron, multiple 3D high-definition cameras were a MUST HAVE on the outside of the sub. I’m getting super excited to watch the movie he will compose from the never before seen footage of the trench..I’ll be first in line with my popcorn and Raisinettes 🙂

This is a big step in the right direction in terms for research- the deep ocean is a very mysterious and unknown place. We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about our own oceans. I’m super excited to see new creatures 😀 Cheers to Marine Science!

Divers help prepare the sub before it descends into the deep. Credit: Mark Thiessen, National Geographic


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