Dreams Dreams Dreams

In and out of sleep while listening to the ocean crash into the shore.

I’m the person that would come to school and make all my friends listen to my crazy vivid dreams from the night before. I just remember EVERYTHING! I feel lucky because most people can’t remember any of their dreams…do you remember your dreams at all?

Lately, my dreams have been super long and vivid. Sometimes they have people in it that I would rather not see or interact with in real life, and that kind of throws off my day when I wake up. Other times I dream about people I don’t see too often- and wish it was real life because they are awesome!

My best friend Courtney used to read lots of books about dreams and tell me what they meant when I explained them in detail at school- which prompted me to get some dream de-coding books of my own back in the day. I haven’t really read up on what my dreams mean in a LONG time, but I am kind of intrigued to start again. Our conscious is a wild beast that I don’t think we will really ever understand it.

I’ve got some big dreams/goals for next year that I’m excited about. I can’t believe that this year is almost already halfway done..holy cow time flies! I’m looking forward to putting on a fantastic California Philharmonic Summer Concert Season at the Santa Anita Race Track, Dominican Republic in Nov for my cousin’s wedding, and much much more 🙂 It’s always nice to have something to look forward to- to keep you pushing on through out the days!

I’m planning on going hiking Saturday morning, then down to San Diego on  to party in a Box at PetCo Park and watch the Padres play some good ole’ baseball. I’ll have photos to share next week of those adventures! Be on the look out 😀


  1. You’re lucky that you remember your dreams so often, I remember perhaps one or two a week… sometimes I can remember a block of them but that only happens occasionally. Instead of investing in dream books just google your dreams :-P.

    Looks like a really relaxing thing to lay out in the sun and listen to the waves!

    1. Yeah I tend to Google my dreams as well..I’ve already have a couple dream books..don’t think I need to purchase any more 🙂 It is really interesting to try and depict certain things in your dreams! Can lead to some pretty crazy truths in your life.
      And yes listening to the ocean in the sun is one of my favorite things to do ever!

      1. Haha fair doos 🙂

        Yeah dreams can be really interesting things, it can be quite surprising just what is going in deep inside the mind in places you can’t usually access!

        Hehe, when I visit the sea side, which is quite often, I love to just lay there and listen to the water and the birds and generally just soak up the atmosphere. It’s wonderful.

  2. My wife complains that she doesn’t dream. I have convinced her that everyone dreams, though they might not remember. Dreams are very illusory. I have learned that, if you write down whatever fragment of a dream you remember upon awaking, you will tend to remember more of each subsequent dream you have. The secret is to grab pencil and paper before you do anything else in the morning. Just wake up and write. No talking, no running to the bathroom, nothing! I got to the point where I was writing pages of dreams each morning and finally had to stop. As for buying dream books to help decypher the meaning of your dreams, well, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”!

  3. You’re lucky you can remember everything you dream, isn’t it crazy what the mind can do? Have a great time hiking and everything else you do this weekend!

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