I’ve got Eastern Island on the brain…

Easter Island is definitely one of the many places on my Bucket List I must visit and witness in person. I actually have a couple friends venturing there next year..they invited me to join them once they got to Easter Island so we shall see if my dream comes true very soon.

The island is also known as “Rapa Nui.” I know many of you must have seen the photos of Giant Heads (called Moai) on rolling hills along the ocean before in photos for videos…it looks like something out of a movie. (But it’s real life!)

The island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean near Chile completing the Polynesian Triangle. The history of the island is very VERY fascinating!  If you don’t know the story.. I’d suggest doing some research- I don’t want to give away all the juicy details 😉 I actually learned more about the island watching the documentary on Netflix 180 degrees South a couple of months ago. It’s a great movie about a young man’s journey to Patagonia (plus much more)- check it out!

I drew a little sketch of some Easter Island Moai after watching the movie I wanted to share with you all now:

My Easter Island Drawing

I’m not a huge fan of the clouds I did- it’s tough to get the perfect fluffy texture (I know I’m my biggest critic..haha)! At least the Moai look pretty cool, huh?! Took me about 30 mins to pencil sketch this out while doing laundry 🙂 I’ve got to find a little frame for this sketch and hang it in my place.

For many years researchers thought that the Moai were only humanly head masterpieces…but after some further digging a recent discovery was made that most of the heads actually have full BODIES that were hidden underground! These huge stone pieces of art are hard to imagine being made with simple man-made tools 1,000’s of years ago…similar to structures like the Egyptian Pyramids. So of course archaeologists and researchers pondered for many years how the previous islanders moved this massive statues…until now:

Pretty cool huh?

Have any of you been to Easter Island before?! What’s one of the top places on your travel list to visit before you die 🙂 ?


  1. Pretty darn good artwork, if you ask me. Clouds too. Easter Island also on my BL. But I didn’t know about the bodies underneath. Now that adds even more to the mystery!

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