UPDATED: I raised. I ran. I conquered!

Race Entrance

UPDATED: So the results were posted for the overall 5K completion- and I ended up with 13th PLACE out of 81 women in my age group! WAHOOOO!!! 

Rachel ended up getting 13th place in her age group as well! We couldn’t have planned it better hahaha 😉

There was a whooping 1,254 number of participants in the 5K Run/Walk- and my overall ranking was 180. Not toooooo shabby for my first registered run I’d say- very proud of that! Although now all I want to do is train harder, and get a better time and ranking on my next run…what can I say- it’s the competitiveness inside me! 

ALSO- I previously stated that the LoveFitLife team raised $685- but the final total was $785 !!! I’m so proud we all accomplished so much for the PADRES Foundation as well as for our personal goals. High-fives all around 😀

So today was the Padres 5K Run/Walk for Parents Against Cancer!!

I blogged about this awhile ago when I registered for the race with my fellow fitness blogger friend Rachel’s LoveFitLife team.

I personally raised : $200.00

LoveFitLife team raised a total of: $685.00 

I ran (according to my GPS) a total of : 3.26 miles in 30.35 minutes
(9.23 min ave pace per mile!)

LoveFitLife Team!

This was my first registered 5K (3.1 miles) event- and I had a blast. I was hoping the skies were cloudy and cool in the morning to make for a nice relaxing run, but Southern California weather had other ideas…hot hot hot sun sun sun at 6:30am! Can’t complain that much though, we are very lucky in SoCal to have such fantastic weather with sunshine year round. I guess I just have to embrace my awesome farmer tan today 🙂

Rachel is so cute – gave everyone colorful little pom-poms to run with! Alex and I wore them as “tails” when we ran..hope the people we passed (or passing us) got a good giggle out of it. I accidentally forgot I was still wearing it when we went to lunch in Old Town Pasadena afterwards (OOPS!).


We had 16 LoveFitLife participants with multiple runners and some walkers. I’m not too sure how many people overall showed up to the event- I would estimate over a couple hundred at least. It was nice to see so many people running and donating their time and money for a great cause! We helped cheer on a 12-year Cancer survivor- pretty fantastic individual that guy!

I feel so great after the run today- and I can’t wait for the next one! Hope you enjoy the photos of my fellow blogger Rachel and I below 🙂 We are pretty goofy happy individuals…

Successful Runners!
Strong and Silly



  1. Running and cheerleading at the same time. Bwahaha. Wow! You raised 200. Darn good job for pulling generosity.
    I run a mile and a half 3 times a week.

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