It’s Your Life, Make It Amazing

If you want your dream job- go for it.
If you are in love with someone- go tell them.
If you want to move somewhere new- make it happen.
If you want to get in shape- be your own inspiration to do so.

I’ve learned that in order to do or get what you want in life, you have to take chances and jump on opportunities when they open up. Risks are what make life exciting and unpredictable!

Life is too short to wonder “What If???” 

I was talking to my neighbor last night, and he mentioned how he had so many opportunities in his youth that he just didn’t take the initiative to do. Thus, he pushed me to do as many things as I can while I’m young and free. This whole concept has been on the top of my agenda specifically at the start of this year, and I’ve tried to jump on as many opportunities as I could so far. I mean, I’ve jumped out of a plane, ran 2 5K’s, started doing yoga, made new friends, went on multiple calls with the fire department, and the list continues…

With all this inspiration, I edited one of my images from when I studied abroad in Australia with one of my favorite quotes (as seen above) that I think really hits home on this topic.

I don’t want to grow up and feel like I missed out on life, and neither should you. Even if you consider yourself older, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities you can still fulfill. You never know what tomorrow holds, so that’s why you live today like it’s the only one you have left. Smile, love, laugh, and enjoy it all!



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