Awesome Mako Shark Footage!

Credit: Florida Sport Fishing

When you see this video, you will understand just how eager I was to post it! You usually see awesome footage of Great White Sharks jumping out of the water, but Mako Sharks are giving them a run for their money! Sharks sure are fascinating creatures…and it’s almost the 25th Anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week! WHO ELSE IS EXCITED?! 😀

CAUTION: Video contains graphic language- put on mute if you’d like- but I get a little giggle each time the guy says “OH MY GOD” every time the shark jumps.

The video was taken in San Diego at their annual Mako catch and release (yeah for that!) fly fishing tournament. The proceeds from the tournament go towards the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research– rock on research! The amazing jumping mako is estimated at about 800 lbs., and 10 feet long. That’s one big fish!


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