Welcome to LA Space Shuttle Endeavour!

I felt so lucky to be able to witness history as the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew over Pasadena last Friday September 21st, 2012 on its way home to the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

My coworkers and I headed out to the Colorado Street Bridge to get an excellent view of the Rose Bowl, JPL, and Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Could you ask for a better background?! I think not 🙂 We definitely weren’t alone- there were many other people who congregated on the bridge to get that perfect shot of the shuttle pass by us!

I can’t even begin to describe the amount of excitement and exhilaration it was to see this magnificent historic shuttle fly in the air right ABOVE my head! My hands were literally shaking while I was taking pictures with happiness. I joined in the “Wahoooooos” with the rest of the spectators on the bridge. I’m surprised that no one started chanting “USA USA” or at least “NASA NASA.”

It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Although, I’m not too happy that in order for the Space Shuttle to drive from LAX to the California Science Center they had to rip out 400 trees along the streets…horrible. The California Science Center said that they will plant double the amount of trees that were demolished- but I don’t think that will justify the historic 100-year-old trees that were displaced.

On a brighter note- please enjoy the photos I snapped below of this momentous occasion!


  1. Very cool indeed, I saw the Discovery sitting on the tarmac in Dulles airport while visiting DC back in April, it was pretty surreal taxing in and the pilot says over the intercom “for those passengers on the left of aircraft you can now see the space shuttle Discovery waiting to be transported to the Smithsonian” 🙂

  2. Cool pictures!! Kind of sad that it didn’t flyover where I live, but do remember when it would make stops here in San Antonio, TX and would be park at the tarmac at one of the Air force bases here.

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