Mysterious Underwater Crop Circles

Hopefully you know that we as humans know more about the surface of the moon than we do our own oceans. We’ve only just begun to explore the depths of the seas (95% still left unexplored). Since the ocean really is the ‘new frontier’- it seemed fitting that the US Navy just announced they will name their newest research vessel after the late great Neil Armstrong. The ship will have acoustic equipment to map the deepest part of the oceans…and of course multiple laboratories to examine and discover new species!

Now let’s get to these mysterious underwater crop circles….

When I first saw this, I thought it was definitely something man-made. I mean, what could possibly produce something so symmetrical in intricate? The man who stumbled upon this off the coast of Japan was Yoji Ookata- who quit his office job 30 years ago to pursue underwater photography (umm..I might just be a bit jealous of him). Some people thought that these mysterious circles were made from UFOs trying to send us a sign from beyond, but no, it wasn’t.

The thing that made this was….(drumroll please)…..


Yes, I am just as shocked as you are. No one has ever witnessed this kind of behavior from fish before. I admit that I now  have respect for puffer fish as amazing underwater artists. I actually wanted a puffer fish really badly in high school as a pet- I think they are awesome creatures! Researchers believe that male puffer fish create these elaborate creations to attract a mate. The things animals in the world do for sex is fascinating and impressive! (If only human men took a hint from the animal kingdom sometimes…)

I guess this story is still in question of truth/fiction… but there has not been a confirmation that it is actually a hoax. So let’s hope that this is real because it’s a fascinating new animal trait discovery, and also it would make a cool vacation trip to add to my Bucket List 🙂


      1. It is incredible! I will look carefully, when next time I dive on sandy bottom. Thanks for posting.

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