Australia’s Best Job In The World Contest


Best Job in the World Contest?!

Even before this fantastic announcement, there has been this ‘itch’, so to speak, of  somehow making my way back to that beautiful country of the ‘land down under.’ I lived in Brisbane, Australia for a year in 2009 when I studied Marine Science at the University of Queensland, Saint Lucia. It was such a growing experience, in more ways that I could ever begin to describe. Let me share a couple ‘firsts’ that happened while abroad:

  • FIRST TIME GETTING MY PURSE STOLEN: Crime happens everywhere – in every country – at any moment. My moment – in a movie theater with people from my apartment complex during a social group outing. A thievery couple stole my purse from under my seat in a movie theater..luckily I had my apartment key in my pocket. They spent $500+ in 15 minutes at 4 different 7-11 stores..who knows maybe they really loved candy bars? But, I have to say the Australia Police Department really were very helpful throughout the whole situation – cheers mates!
  • FIRST TIME GOING TO AN E.R. + FIRST TIME GETTING STITCHES: Silly me I sliced my finger open with a pocket knife while trying to open the package my new vegetable knife was in (ironic much). Luckily I had a friend tag along with me for moral support (and documentation) of my time in the E.R. and getting stitches. The Aussies doctors were amazing and hilarious, but I still don’t have all the feeling in my left index finger :/
  • FIRST TIME HOLDING A KOALA / PETTING A KANGAROO: When in Rome (or in this case Australia), am I right? But to be honest, I was scared that the koala was going to pee/poop on my while I was holding it for the pictures – no joke!
  • FIRST TIME LIVING BY MYSELFI had this nice corner studio apartment unit on the 15th floor of a student housing complex in the middle of downtown Brisbane. I wouldn’t change it for the world – met some of the most amazing people/life long friends in UniLodge.
  • FIRST TIME I EMBRACED BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER: Before I moved to Australia, my mom treated me to a shiny brand new Canon camera. During my time in one of those most beautiful countries in the world, I got to experiment/enhance/and fall in love with my digital and film photography skills (how lucky was I?!).

Now back to the Best Jobs in the World contest – so basically Tourism Australia created 6 amazing jobs across Australia that compensate you $100,000 for 6 months of ‘work.’ I applied to 3 of these fantastic jobs opportunities – Wildlife Caretaker, Park Ranger, and Lifestyle Photographer! To apply, you had to submit a 30 second video of why you are the best person for the job. I had a lot of fun filming these videos – and special shout out to my film/editing partner Dominic Parisi for helping me with my videos- you rock! On April 25th they will announce the short list of the TOP 25 applicants for each position – keep your fingers crossed!!!

I have this feeling that something BIG is going to happen to me this year – not sure what it is going to be – but I can’t help but imagine this opportunity might be it. I had multiple people send me the link to sign up for these contest – which only put a big smile on my face that they thought this contest was ‘for me’ 🙂 This is the only time in my life where I can literally pack up – move across the globe – live spontaneously – and have the best 25th year of life possible! If I won, I would definitely put the money towards going back to school and getting my Masters Degree in Conservation Biology/Marine Science/Education. Hope you enjoy my final products – tell me which video you like BEST! :




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  1. All great videos Chanel and my fave is the life style photographer video but I know your biggest love is the animals 😉
    Fingers crossed from across the pond.

      1. You are the sweetest Cali chick 😀
        I badly need votes and all the help I can get 🙂

        I’m just working on a blog entry to ask for help as well 😉

        THANK YOU x x x

  2. You’re great in all 3 videos! A couple of the pictures I took even ended up in the videos nyahaha! 😀 If it’s a voting thing, please let us know! I hope you win something!! Then, maybe I’d make a trip back to Australia to visit you!

  3. Chaneeeel! This is Nicole, do you remember me?! Anyway I just wanted to say you are so so so AMAZING in all three videos and omgosh I am wishing & praying for you! You’ve got this 🙂

  4. Love ALL the videos! You’re so adorable and totally likable!!!! I’m triple crossing my fingers for you! Love you!!!

  5. OMG these are awesome! My fave was the park ranger because it literally made me laugh out loud and I feel like your awesome personality was best showcased, but Lifestyle Photographer would be soooo cool! Crossing my fingers for you hardcore 🙂

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