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Chanel is already a natural spokesperson for promoting ocean conservation, environmental sustainability, and exploration/travel to everyone she meets. To become a Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia would not only be a dream come true, but it could lead to some AMAZING opportunities to help pursue and utilize her passions in life. She’s made it to the Top 25 Finalists out of over 45,000 entries – the world is Chanel’s ‘South Australian Oyster‘ 🙂 !

Her love for Australia has been evident ever since she learned about the Great Barrier Reef when she was a young aspiring marine biologist. The intrigue only grew when she traveled to Queensland, Australia for a year-long student exchange program in college. The culture, the people, the places, the wildlife, the scenery, the history, the beauty; all these elements sparked her Australian infatuation even more. The photographs she captured during her year abroad are some of her prized possessions (some gaining recognition in photography competitions).

The compensation for this job ($100,000) is not why she’s interested in the position of Wildlife Caretaker – it’s about a journey of a lifetime. It’s about exploring exciting and unique locations/activities in South Australia, and sharing those stories with the world! It’s about assisting with conservation and research efforts spanning from the coastline to the Outback. It’s about walking up to strangers and sparking conversations which result in long-lasting friendships. It’s about preserving Australia’s natural ecosystems and wildlife. Chanel’s life has lead up to this moment for reason; this is her destiny.

Chanel wants YOU to experience South Australia for yourself. The outpour of support on this quest to win her dream job has been HUGE – so Chanel thought the least she could do would be to repay the favor and award one of her lucky followers a chance of a lifetime. Australia is country that should be seen and explored by all!

If Chanel is the last one standing and is announced South Australia’s Wildlife Caretaker, she will randomly select one of you lucky participants, to win 1 ROUND TRIP AIRLINE TICKET to visit her Down Under as Chanel’s Biggest Fan (see contest rules and regulations for complete details)! 

Complete ALL The Steps Below to ENTER:
It’s so EASY! 

1) Follow using your email to register (find and click the “Follow Me” button on the righthand side of the blog)

2) Comment on this blog post answering all the following bullet points:

  • Give your reasoning why Australia should pick Chanel for Wildlife Caretaker (Feel free to Tweet @Australia and tell them your reasoning to pick @PSChanel #BestJobs #ChanelWC too!)
  • Name one activity/location you want to visit in Australia and WHY

  • List your NAME / CITY / STATE / COUNTRY

  • Post your personal/business blog URL (if applicable)

You are still eligible if you were previously a email/follower of Chanel’s blog before 8pm (PST) on May 4, 2013 – remember to just please state so in the comment. GOOD LUCK supporters! Reminder: the giveaway will only occur if Chanel Hason is announced the winner of Australia’s Best Jobs on June 21st, 2013. If awarded Wildlife Caretaker, Chanel will announce a winner on July 1st, 2013. So be sure to LIKE/SHARE her Facebook Page and Follow/Tweet her @PSChanel to increase her chances of winning!  To see the full list of rules & regulations for the giveaway, click here or find the tab at the top of the blog.


  1. Good luck, Chanel!
    But, I have a request. I would like to use your “Jail Break” fish photograph as a source for one of my paintings. Can I have your permission?

  2. Chanel should win cuz she rocks!!! I don’t find many people who love animals more than I do! I’d love to visit her if she winds because I didn’t get to see South Australia when I visited and I loved it so much, I wanted a work visa and live there too. I’d like to visit Tazmania and Melbourne!

    Good luck Chanel! We love you at #DHRC!

  3. 1. Why would anyone not pick Chanel for this job amazing job. Lets see: Super dedicated to animals and the environment (check); ambitious, educated, friendly, caring (check). Australia will not regret picking Chanel for this position, but Austalia would have regret if they didn’t pick her!

    2. If I was to go to Australia I’d love to go to Queensland and dive the Great Barrier Reef! I love diving and I hear this place is amazing!

    3. Tony Zee/Temple City/CA/USA

  4. Chanel is perpetually stoked about wildlife. She’s been busy learning about the world through experience, and is obvious in the campaign she’s running. Not one to toot her horn, she’s showing that she’s already been doing this job for a couple of years. Which is why it’s not really a surprise to me she’s come this far. If Australia wants bang for their buck, then they’d would do well to pick Chanel.

    When I’m in Australia, whether by luck or not, I’m definitely diving diving diving. As a science diver, Australia seems like a contender to the great underwater sights in CA. After drying off I’m probably going to see the outback, the symphony in Sydney, Ayers rock, some wallabies and maybe even go on a walkabout.

    Alex Olson/San Francisco/CA/USA

  5. 1)I Omg, who better to pick for the position? Chanel is an smart,outgoing, curious, funny, and loving individual who would be an amazing wildlife caretaker. it’s like the job was made for her!
    2) Roadtrip from Sydney to Adelaide would be amazing!!! Or go native, and head on into the bush. Wouldnt mind heading up to great barrier reef again and go diving. Most beautiful place in the world! So many beautiful places in OZ!!!
    3) Marion Zoe Andresen, Trondheim, Norway.

  6. chanel likes cephalopods, which are by far the creatures out there! Who wouldn’t pick Chanel for the wildlife caretaker position And if I could go I could get some shots of her diving with those awesome cephalopods!

    Joe Platko/ Marina/Ca/USA

  7. 1) Chanel is perfect for this position! Not only is she outgoing, creative, fun-loving and THE BIGGEST animal lover (especially the Australian type) she is an absolutely inspiring individual and always brings her best to the table. She would generate so much positive interest in her Australian adventures (as you can already tell by the ridiculous amount of PR she’s created for this contest), that AUS would be the main beneficiary in this relationship! Her enthusiasm and positivity is infectious, and if released in the Australian wild, would probably attract a herd of kangaroos as well as a ton of tourists hanging on her every word.

    2) If I had the chance to visit my FAVORITE place on Earth again, I would want to explore South and Western Oz because I didn’t have the time/money to visit those places while I was studying abroad. Or, I would spend all my time in Cairns and Port Douglas, diving on the Great Barrier Reef and falling in love with Australia all over again!

    3) Erin Eastwood / South Pasadena / CA / USA (a follower before May 4)

  8. Chanel would be perfect for this job! She is enthusiastic and passionate about animals and their conservation issues and loves to educate anyone and everyone who will listen to her! Not to mention she is a whiz at this social media thing which will be a huge asset to Tourism Australia. Australia, you’d be foolish not to hire this girl!

    I’d love to go anywhere in Australia! I’ve done Sydney, Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef so Southern or Western Oz would be awesome to check out. Anything with adventures and wildlife and a chance to hang out with Chanel and I’m in!

    Danielle Hyson/Vancouver/British Columbia/Canada

  9. 1. No one deserves this awesome opportunity more than Chanel! She is so passionate about wildlife and conservation, and would make the BEST spokesperson! Her energy is infectious…it’s impossible not to be interested in whatever she is talking about!
    2. Great Barrier Reef. That is all.
    3. Julie Dewberry/San Diego/CA/USA

  10. Reblogged this on Sponsor Me Please! and commented:
    Amazing initiative from one of the candidates for the best jobs in the world @Australia @PSChanel deserves to win as she is doing obviously all her best! #BestJobs #ChanelWC
    Thanks @PSChanel for sharing your dream! I loved your videos

  11. 1) Reason:
    Not only one, first of all because of the effort she is doing, she is trying so hard and that demonstrates her passion and motivation.
    Second reason, she is perfect for the position, she is enthusiastic, talk active, she has a good image and she has a wide experience with animals and Wildlife
    Finally, she is good at Social Media and she has initiative as we all can see with this contest! Congratulations! you are already a winner

    2) Name one activity/location you want to visit in Australia and WHY

    This is very difficult! Australia has everything! but I think the Great Barrier Reef and Melbourne – The reasons, because it would be something that combines nature and big city. I have many friends in Melbourne and I’ve been told many great things about Melbourne and the Great Barrier Reef that I can’t wait to go!

    3) My name is Estefanía Fernández, from A Coruña, Galicia, Spain (at this moment :))

    4) My blog that was recently created because I’m also following a dream, in this case for me it’s to go to a camp of creativity in Silicon Valley, but also I wanted to share all this iniciatives from different organizations and people who choose creativity as a way of promotion and share all the fun and good moments with all of us.
    Good luck!

  12. 1) As a die-hard Australia Lover, there is no one else I’d trust more to care for South Australia’s wildlife than Chanel. Her passion, compassion, knowledge, work ethic and can-do attitude alone make her the #1 person for the job but she also has an unwavering love for animals, nature, the Earth, science, adventure, travel, people and The Land Down Under.

    2) One of my favorite areas of Australia is the Kimberly region because it is so rich in culture and gives a great glimpse into AU’s past. I’d love to explore the Eastern Highlands as well.

    3) Katie Kotarak, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA

  13. 1. Chanel may be my one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. There are some people that you meet who truly inspire others to smile more, laugh louder, take chances for the adventure, and help the world become a better place. For me that person in my life is Chanel. She is one of the most positive people who has such a drive and passion for animals, the environment, and making people better.

    2. I LOVE to travel, whether it’s across state lines or continents. I have never been to Australia. It is at the top of my bucket list, especially South Australia. I especially want to go to Mount Gambier to take photographs of the scenery.

    3. Benjamin Brackin, Jackson Hole, WY, USA

  14. 1, Chanel is the perfect choice for Wildlife Caretaker with her infectious enthusiasm and love for animals.

    2, Dive to watch the Sepia apama spawn in Spencer Gulf before it’s too late for these amazing animals.

    3, Poul Brix / Leeds / UK


  15. 1. Chanel is one of those individuals who when you meet, makes not just an impression on you but an imprint on you. She has such a fabulous energy that carries into everything she comes across. Chanel should win because she is tireless in her work ethic and in her personal life. Chanel is gifted, not only in the human relationships she builds but in the ones she can build with other species. She has that quality of living life to the fullest.

    2. Like Chanel, I too love to travel and if picked to visit Australia, diving in the Great Barrier Reef is at the top of my list!

    3. Rachael O’Brien / Sacramento / CA / USA

  16. 1. Chanel for Wildlife Caretaker because she is the bomb diggity. She’s so passionate and educated about the environment and animal care and she throws her heart and soul into everything she does. This opportunity would be a dream come true for her and she would rock this job!

    2. Uluru. There is something spiritual and magical about that place. I first met Chanel in an Australian Aboriginal Art Class and I’ve continued to be fascinated by the art and culture from that particular region in Australia.

    3. Miranda Wilson/ St. Albert/ Alberta/ Canada

  17. 1. Chanel´s infatuated with the nature and animal kingdom of Australia…what can I say…? She´s condifent and trustingly!! Choose her now!!! She´s the best for the best! 🙂

    2. Since a few years (i guess about 10!) I want to explore QL or South Australia, to see the Great Barrier Reef, visit discover Kangaroo Island, swim with Sea Lions ;-), enjoy the incredible landscape of it all…and so on and so forth…HOW else could it be??? Australia is the most beautiful country I know!!! I love it, and I need it! :-))

    3. Stephanie König / Engelskirchen / NRW / Germany 😉

  18. I’ve been a follower of Chanel’s blog for quite a while now because I have learned so much from her about animals, the ocean and the world we live in! It’s amazing how much she knows about every animal and her dedication to the eco-system is astounding!

    Chanel is destined to be Australia’s Wildlife Caretaker because there is nobody else that would be as focused and dedicated to the job as she would! She stands in a class all her own when it comes to her love of animals, Australia & the ocean!

    I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve heard that swimming the Great Barrier Reef is a must and since Chanel would probably live on the reef if she could I would love for her to be able to swim with me and teach me all about it!

    Tiffany Schekel/ Portland, Oregon/ USA

  19. 1. Clearly Chanel Hason was born to be a Wildlife Caretaker and champion of the ecology.
    2. The Great Barrier Reef
    3. Derrel Thompson / Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

    an early Chanel Hason supporter!

  20. The world needs Chanel in this job. Truly dedicated people – as she is – can rise to meet the great challenges facing us and our planet.
    A California girl myself, I have always wanted to go to Uluru. Australia is unique.

  21. 1. Though I’ve only met Chanel a handful of times, I know how much she loves marine life and travel. I enjoy reading her blogs because they are fun, easy to read, and relate to everyone. She is enthusiastic about life and adventure and has plenty of passion! I’m just sad we didn’t get to hang out more while I was in LA!

    2. I’d take a tour with Exceptional Kangaroo Island because it seems like they can show people the animals out in their natural habitat (echidnas) from a local’s perspective! Thinking of doing a WHV in Oz after we get married! Hope you win!

    3. Jessica Goto/Martinez, California USA

    Hope I qualify for your contest! Good luck!

  22. 1. It is obvious that Chanel is the perfect candidate for this job! She is extremely passionate, caring, knowledgable with social media, and her enthusiasm is just infectious. It would definitely be Australia’s loss not to choose her! I truly do not believe any one else would be as dedicated and would do as good of a job as she would.

    2. My dream is to go to Australia and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef!

    3. Emily Krill – Beaverton, OR USA

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