Passionate People Going Positive Places: An Interview With Chanel Hason

Check my fun little Q & A with Rachel, from the Love Fit Life Blog, regarding the Best Jobs Contest! She asked all the hard hitting questions 😉

The Love Fit Life

My great friend and fellow fit life buddy, Chanel Hason, has been on a mission to follow her passion for as long as I’ve known her and as long as she can remember. Recently, her undying love for nature, science, wildlife and everything ocean has gotten her into the Top 25 Finalists to win her absolute dream jobas a Wildlife Caretaker in AUSTRALIA!! That’s right, this one of a kind, incredible powerhouse of a woman was chosen from over 600,000+ applicants to do what she loves each and everyday… and get paid for it! Paycheck or not though, this is, hands down, what Chanel should be doing and Australia would be out of their mind if they chose anyone else for the job.

Needless to say, Chanel needs all of our help to show Australia she’s the one! As a friend and fellow passionate person, I of…

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