“Smile, You’re Designed To”


I just wanted to share a quick little something to get off my chest….

I’m just really happy where my life is right now, and the people who are in it!!!

I knew this year was going to be different, but I didn’t know it was going to be so thrilling, eye-opening, and amazing.  I’ve learned a lot MORE about myself than I have ever imagined. I’ve also learned a lot about others, mostly by the actions they take compared to the words they speak to my face. It’s unfortunate, for them.

I entered to be on this TV Show the other evening. I wont tell you all the details yet…don’t want to jinx it- but it’s super exciting! Wish me luck 😉 Speaking of this- I asked my best friend to answer one of the questions on the survey which was : What would your best friend say is their favorite thing about you? Thought it was better actually coming out of the mouth of my friend instead of just guessing…This was her response..literally brought me to tears and inspired me to write this post. Love you Courtney!!!

“My favorite thing about you is your refusal to let anything get in way of what it is that you want out of life…be it a job, an experience, an adventure, no matter, you take initiative and see that it happens. The best part of being that you do it without compromising your character to fit other presupposed qualifications. And the fact that you achieve amazing things without losing who you really are in the process makes you one of a kind and an absolute reward for all those people lucky enough to encounter you.”

I also just found out some really GREAT news for some friends of mine..it’s a secret for now but once I’m allowed to share I won’t be able to hold it in EEEEEE!

Plus-if you read my last post- you will see that I just entered to do my first 5K marathon for children with Cancer and their families. I set a goal to raise $200.00 for the PADRES foundation- and I already succeeded in just 3 days! GLORIOUS! Now it’s time to go over and beyond my initial goal and keep raising money for these families who need our help.

I’m almost at 200 followers on my blog, and with close to 12,000 hits, I couldn’t be more pleased! Blogging is such a wonderful outlet and it connects me to people ALL OVER THE WORLD. On my statistics page, I am able to view which countries have looked at my blog. Some countries I haven’t even heard of before (seriously..it’s wild)!! Makes me feel like my mark is being made worldwide.

I love my job. It is amazing to work with people who have really become my family over this past year…they all have a special place in my heart forever. I’m super lucky.

Speaking of family, even though sometimes we have our drama, there is no other family I’d rather be a part of. I’ve learned so much from all of you.

Just remember that life is great. Think positive, listen to your heart, and smile. 😀 Life could always be worse…it’s a roller coaster really- there are always ups and downs. Just remember enjoy the ride! Sorry if it sounds to cliché … but it really is the truth.

There is no need to be negative all the time. It doesn’t do well for yourself, or others around you. Happiness is a drug that everyone should get addicted to-it’s infectious.

Here are a couple of songs that always put me in a better mood! Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Your family is proud of you and all that you are and have become, and are going to be. Your surrounded by a great aura, friends, and wish that all your dreams become a reality…

  2. A very refreshing outlook on life. More often than not people give up on a dream/ambition or they sacrifice who they are for one reason or another. It’s great to see someone who is putting themselves out there and fulfilling their desires without conforming to anyone elses ideals or expectations but their own. I admire your positive attitude and wish you the best of luck in your 5k marathon!

    1. Thank you so much! Living a positive life is the way to go. Life is too short to not try and soak in and enjoy every moment of it. At the end of each week I feel fulfilled and satisfied 🙂 it’s a great feeling! Thanks for the luck towards the marathon too- the weather in LA is getting warmer..meaning more incentive to run outside more- I’m excited! Hope you had a great weekend.

      1. Haha it certainly is but I guess sometimes it’s easier to see the negative than the positive in things. No problem, I’m sure you’ll do great! That is true, although warmer weather is harder to run in because you get hot quicker! :P. I did thank you, revision filled but it was good. I hope you had a great weekend too!

  3. nice post, yes I can understand your exitment where so many followers accross the world can read your thoughts and listen to what you have to say… one becomes the new age Rockstar.. 🙂

    I will be looking for more interesting post from you and yes something I want to tell you,

    I am your BIGGEST FAN ! 😀

    1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I really do feel like a rockstar sometimes haha.

      Glad you are enjoying reading my blog- makes me smile and encourages me to write more and more!

      High five to my biggest fan 😀

  4. Loved this the first time I read it, and it continues to bring a smile to my face the second and third times around!!! You’re so awesome! I love your fricking smile. 😀

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