Let the Music Take Control

After silence,
that which comes nearest to expressing
the inexpressible is music. – Aldous Huxley

Music has always been a great place to escape no matter what kind of mood I’m in. When you think about it, there is just about a song for every situation you run into while you go through life- happiness, heartache, anger, sadness, inspiration, rage, and so on. Music has definitely helped me get through hard times, sad times, fun times, and crazy times. So today I dedicate this post to songs that make me feel good. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week full of happiness, joy, and most of all love.

His voice is like butter…and this acoustic version of this song on the beach makes it even more beautiful.

GROUPLOVE- Tongue Tied
This is the song that makes me want to just jump up and down and dance to where ever I may be 🙂

When this tune comes on while I’m at the gym, I definitely get into a groove. 

THE BLACK KEYS- Gold on the Ceiling
I’ve loved The Black Keys for a long time. This song triggers something in me- not sure what it is but I FEEL IT!

DEVOTCHKA- The Winner Is
This song is from the movie Little Miss Sunshine- which is a fantastic movie with a great message. It’s all instrumental- which is a nice change once in a while in my music library. 

Her cover of this classic song is unique and beautiful. Her voice is so different from anything I’ve ever heard..

JUST JACK- Starz In Their Eyes
Thought I’d leave you with this final song- it’s a toe tapper that I get excited when it comes on when I’m on a good high while working out. There’s something about English “rappers” that I like way better than American ones. 

What’s the top song in your life right now??


  1. I know The Black Keys, Just Jack, Ellie Goulding and of course, Young The Giant. The rest will be next fillers in my CD wallet. 😀 Thanks for the awesome music recommendations!

  2. I’ll have to have a listen since I pretty much like all music genres. The only ones I really can’t stand are hip hop and rap, mainly because of the language in the so-called lyrics.

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